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Coia for Two

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What you need of coconut products for two, at a better price ♥ Surprise your better half or BFF with a smoothie bowl, poké bowl or buddha bowl served in a bowl made of upcycled coconunt shells, and enjoy what nature has to offer - together.

This kit contains:
2x Coconut Bowls Polished, Large
2x Coconut Spoons
2x Coconut Forks

We'd love to see how you use your products from #coia! Remember to tag on Instagram so we can see.


Our charcoal bowls are perfect for everything from food, to snacks and storage. Little is so great for big and small, like eating from a real coconut!


Coconut cup:
D9-10.5 x H6.5-8cm, volume: about 300ml

Coconut Bowl Medium:
D13-14.5xH6-6.5, volume: 5-600ml

Coconut Bowl Large:
14-15.5xH7.5-8.5, volume: 850ml


As our coconut products are made from 100% natural and no additives - there is a chance that your new dish may crack.

Do not despair! That is why we have a lifetime guarantee on our coconut products. If you ever get a crack in your coconut bowl, you get a new one from us.♥

Let us help you find the right coconut bowl for YOU♥

We have three different types of coconut bowls, and here we introduce you to everyone. Which is your favorite?♥

Hand engraved

Our hand-engraved coconut bowls carry unique carvings made by hand, and each bowl tells its own little story. No two bowls are alike, which is why we like to have a whole bunch of them!

See Hand-Carved Coconut Bowls

Coconut Bowls with Colors

Because life is too short! We wanted some color play in our coconut bowls, to bring natural and beautiful energy into your home. These bowls highlight any room, and are the perfect hostess gift - for yourself or others.

See Coconut Bowls with Colors here
  • Handmade

    Our coconut bowls are handmade in a family-run workshop in Vietnam, with a wonderful group we have daily contact with. Your purchase helps them to have a long-awaited extra income to support their families.

  • Scandinavian

    Our coconut bowls are designed in Norway, with regard to Scandinavian values and interests. We make products with regard to the environment and nature - and which will highlight any room - and meal.

  • 100% Upcycled

    Did you know that over 90% of all coconut shells are thrown away or burned after being emptied? 'Upcycled' means 'creative reuse', and that's exactly what we've done with these beautiful bowls.

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