Product Collaborations

Below you see the profiles we have developed products with. Note that product collaborations are unique, and not part of our regular range.

Do you have ideas or wishes for other profiles we should develop products with? Feel free to email .

"Opptur", with Linda Stuhaug

Linda Stuhaug is the best-selling cookbook author x2, and one of Norway's biggest food bloggers. She believes that there should be an "opptur" (upswing) with healthy food, and therefore the collection we have developed together is called 'Opptur'.

Radical Bowls + Better Broccoli

Our first product collaboration was with the super-inspiring sisters behind the blog Radical Broccoli.

Better Bowls donated 10% of the profits to Nordic Ocean Watch ; a charity that works to take care of the ocean

Nicole The Nomad

With a love for smoothie bowls, wonderful energy, and over 2.1 M followers on TikTok , Nicole and Better Bowls entered into a product collaboration as part of our investment in the USA.

The Nomad bowls were painted in pastel colors - and became an immediate success.

  • Pineapple spoon

    Regular price kr 149.00
    Regular price Sale price kr 149.00
    Ananas Spiseskje COIASTORE

  • Coconut Cutlery

    Regular price kr 49.00
    Regular price kr 59.00 NOK Sale price kr 49.00
    Kokosnøttbestikk COIASTORE

  • Avocado spoon

    Regular price kr 129.00
    Regular price kr 139.00 NOK Sale price kr 129.00
    Avokadoskje COIASTORE Spiseskje

  • Palm spoon

    Regular price kr 139.00
    Regular price kr 159.00 NOK Sale price kr 139.00
    Palme Spiseskje COIASTORE