Yes, coia is a Norwegian brand started by Elise at the end of 2019. We are headquartered in Oslo, and design and develop all the products ourselves. Read more about us here .

Not yet, but our products are available at a careful selection of dealers at home and abroad. Read more about our dealers here . Do you want to become a dealer? Get in touch here .

Our products are sustainable in the sense that they are made from recyclable materials - most of which would otherwise have been thrown away or burned.

We make products that are reusable, and always choose the most environmentally friendly materials and production methods where possible.

All our coconut products (see the Better Bowls collection) are produced in a family-run workshop in Vietnam, and help to create a long-awaited extra income for the workers there.

Better Bowls started as a good old-fashioned garage company, where our founder Elise had 2,000 coconut bowls delivered to her garage in snow-covered Oslo in February 2020.

Since then, the company has started producing much more than bowls, and a name change was set in motion to mark the transition from manufacturer of bowls, to us becoming a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful products for kitchens and lifestyle.

Coia means 'the stone / core of the fruit' and the name symbolizes that it is our core values around sustainability, lifestyle and health that always come first.

Treatment coconut / bamboo products

We recommend that the coconut bowls are washed by hand with ordinary soap and dried with a kitchen towel. The bowls can advantageously be washed immediately after use, as liquid over a long period of time in the bowls can lead to a crack in the product.

The bowls can also be lubricated with coconut oil or similar after 12-15 times of use to preserve the shine, and to 'saturate' the natural product with fat.

Since the bowls are made of 100% natural, and coconut shells are a living material without additives, they can in some cases crack.

Fortunately, we have a lifetime guarantee on all our coconut and bamboo products, as what we want most of all is for you to be happy with your new sustainable products.♥

The coconut bowls / bamboo cups are best suited for cold or lukewarm food, but can also be used for hot dishes such as oatmeal, soups or woks. To prevent the products from cracking when you put hot food in them, they can be rinsed with lukewarm water before use.


No. The products should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, and thrive best in room temperature.

We recommend that the brass cutlery is washed by hand to avoid discoloration. Feel free to wipe with a dry and soft cloth. The brass cutlery can get scratched if it is next to other sharp tools, please think about how they are stored.

The glass bottle can be machine washed. The suction pipe is made of stainless steel and can also be machine washed, but we first and foremost recommend hand washing to preserve the shine. The suction tube can advantageously be rinsed in warm water immediately after use, before any residues become difficult to remove.

The lid, which is made of 100% bamboo, should be washed by hand and air-dried completely before it is placed back on the bottle.

As the lid is 100% natural, and bamboo is a living material, discoloration can occur on the lid if it is overexposed to steam for a long time. This can be prevented by letting both bottle and lid dry completely for you between each use.

Yes, our smoothie bottles of glass steel content up to 130 degrees Celsius, and down to -20 degrees Celsius.

Shipping and returns

The goods are sent within 1-2 working days without plastic.

To all of Norway, and Europe.

We send orders from our warehouse to Norway and you can expect to have them delivered 1-5 working days after ordering, depending on where in the country you are.

No, we do not use plastic in any order. We rather use exes and tape from recyclable materials. Thank you for helping to reduce the use of disposable plastic!

We think you will like our products as much as we love to make them, but not all orders will be as one had hoped. Then you can use your cancellation deadline, and get a refund of all or part of the amount within 14 days from the date of purchase. Read more about returns here .